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MA - 間

Returning to Japan after living abroad for so long, I felt a strong need to understand my Japanese identity. In particular, I wanted to explore the unique culture of interval. It is said that 'ma' has three main meanings. They are Physical distance, interval of time and psychological distance. physical distance is the space between objects. It is an imaginary world, like the margins of a painting. An interval of time is the time of silence between sounds and actions, such as in music or on stage. Psychological distance is the long and short distance between people, such as a couple or friends, which is created in order to live daily life in harmony. The Chinese character of Ma was  before 1949. It meant moonlight leaking into the gate, but after 1949 the kanji was simplified and the current character of 間 -MA. The mean is sunlight shining through the gate. I photographed the intervals of buildings built after 1949 in my hometown, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. I want to explore the Japanese sense of distance, which values the relationship between people, and the mystery of the invisible in-between 間 -MA by visualizing it.


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