Tomohiro Hanada 

Tomohiro Hanada (1986) is a Japanese visual artist working with photography as a tool to reflect and deconstruct the invisible in visible. His artistic practice is deeply rooted in personal experience, based on observation, exploration and questioning of the extraordinary that emerges from the ordinary.


Moving between familiar and unfamiliar, Hanada continually investigates the possibilities of photography, layering reality and abstraction. Memory and emotions play an important role in the creative process, and intuition and calculation make up his photographs. His creative philosophy aims to challenge the suspension of thought caused by daily routines and to shed light on the overlooked in everyday life.


Hanada is a graduate from the Neue Schule Für Fotografie in Berlin, Germany and the Omura Beauty Fashion College in Fukuoka, Japan. Before moving towards photography and visual art, he has worked in New York and London as a fashion designer’s assistant and stylist. After living abroad for ten years, he is currently based in Fukuoka, Japan, where he was born and raised.







大村美容ファッション専門学校を卒業後、NYへ渡る。ファッションデザイナーのアシスタントを経験後、ロンドンにてファッションスタイリストとして活動する。 2014年、写真家活動を開始。2015年ベルリン写真専門学校 Neue Schule Fotografie入学。卒業後より、フリーランスフォトグラファーとしてベルリンを拠点に活動。10年の海外生活を終えて、2019年より生まれ育った福岡に拠点を変えて活動中


2022  Distance, Rotterdam Photofestival, selected photographer.Rotterdam(Future)

2020  Today is a better day, LIBRIS KOBACO, Fukuoka.Japan

2020  My self, Thec, Fukuoka.Japan

2019  Car Reflection, Iizuka Community Center.Fukuoka.Japan

2019  Funf, SoundM's, Okinawa, Japan

2018  A Matter of Reflection, CHI&CO, Berlin

2016  Step In, Neue Schule Fotografie, Berlin

2015  Self Portrait, Neue Schule Fotografie, Berlin

2015  Don’t be serious, vétomat, Berlin


2020  Today is a better day (Self Published)

2020  Car Reflection  (Self Published)

2019  NEW JAPAN PHOTO 9 (Participated"Printed Matter’s 2019" NY Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1.)

2019  NEW JAPAN PHOTO 7 (Selected 100 of Japanese fresh photographer)



Plain Magazine(Paris)


PiB Berlin(Berlin)

Public Collection

Maxbrown Hotel Ku'damm Berlin

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