Element of architecture



ニューヨーク、ロンドン、べルリンで生活し、10年ぶりに日本に本帰国した。 生まれ育った福岡の街並みが色、形、違う建築物が混ざり合う特別な場所に見えた。外国では建築規制が厳しく、高さと色が決められ統一されていたからだ。10年後の景色はどうなっているのだろうか?私は、これからも福岡 の街が多種多様な物を受けいれて一枚のコラージュのような美しい街になって欲しいという思いを込めて、色、形が違う混ざり合う建築物を撮影した。

Element of Architecture

I lived in New York, London and Berlin and returned to Japan for the first time in 10 years. Born and raised, the cityscape of Fukuoka seemed to be a special place where colours, shapes and different buildings were mixed. The reason is that construction regulations are strict and the height and colour are determined overseas. I thought that this mixed cityscape of Fukuoka was related to a culture that accepted Japanese diversity because Japanese people  have long accepted food, religion, clothes, etc. from abroad. The reason why such a city view was made that it was not possible to create a city that was mixed with various buildings because it accepted each individual's opinion that they wanted to live in their favourite house. I thought. Fukuoka is the only government-designated city in Japan where the population is growing. In recent years, the number of foreigners is increasing at a rate of 1000 people every year. What will the landscape look like 10 years later? I photographed  mixed buildings in the hope that the city of Fukuoka will continue to accept a wide variety of things and become a beautiful city like a collage