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One of the world's leading hot spring centres, Beppu City has hot springs within a radius of 500 metres, just like convenience stores in Japan. There are still flats without baths, and every day residents go to the neighborhood hot springs to bathe. Strangers go to the hot springs together and make small talk. In modern Japan, people do not talk to strangers; they do not know who is in the flat next door. There are no neighborly relations, and if there are different generations, there is no interaction. Beppu City has the good old days in modern Japan. Beppu is also one of Japan's leading tourist destinations, a place where more people have moved from different parts of the country than those who were born and raised in Beppu. The project visualises a place where people who have migrated from these different places can interact as if they had originally lived there and embrace diversity. Distinctive Beppu architecture, tiles, tin, etc., photographed in Beppu City. Photographs taken in different locations were placed side by side to create a single photograph, which expresses the harmony between objects of different colours, shapes and materials.


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